How to Design a Study Room for your Kid?

When we look back 50 years, not many houses have study rooms. But, with the changing education system, the need for changing the home to make it study-friendly has been increased. Almost every kid of this generation has a study room at their homes. However, the parents won’t focus much on designing the room to make it functional. But it is essential after all the goal is to make learning pleasant and enjoyable.

How to Design a Study Room for your Kid?

Sound-proof Door: A study room needs a sound proof door so that no noise from outside will enter the room. While you are watching your favourite program on television with a loud sound, asking your kid to focus on books doesn’t work. So, having a sound-proof door is one solution.

Sufficient Space: The room should be big enough to arrange essentials. There should be enough space to roam around when the kid needs to relax for a few minutes.

Clean and Neat: The messy room is a sign of a messy mind. The room should be ideally clean and neat without having unnecessary things around. It should have a pleasant environment for your kid to focus on studies.

Ventilation and Natural Light: The natural light and ventilation are quite important for any room, especially, if you stay there for long hours. The study room is the place where students will sit and study for long hours and so it is important for the room to have a proper ventilation and sunlight. The artificial light throughout the day is not okay! So the room must have a window that provides good ventilation and sunlight.

Study Essentials: The essentials for studying should be placed in the study room itself so that your kid doesn’t have to search for it at every other place. We suggest a study table and a chair if he/she has to work on a laptop for their projects. Otherwise, sitting down on the floor will do more good. Pens, pencils, books and whatever is essential should be on the rack of the study room.

Indoor Plants: A small plant in a little pot can change your mood, refresh your mind, and make you feel pleasant. Decorate your kid’s study table with a beautiful indoor plant. Greens are always refreshing.

Lights and Fan/A.C: Though natural light is good, artificial light is also required in the room as the natural light might not spread all over the room. A fan or A.C. is also essential.

What to Avoid?

Loud Sounds: The complete door-soundproofing needs an extensive alteration but it might not be possible for everyone to get it done. So, while your kid is studying in his study room, it is important to avoid any kind of noise that disturbs him.

Funny Conversations: If you are having some funny or interesting conversations with your family members, your kid might feel joining you which disturbs his focus. So, the conversations should be postponed to when your kid will be able to join you after his study time.

No Phone: Children these days are getting addicted to the phone. When they are in their study room, parents shouldn’t allow them to look at their phone. Best is to keep the phone with you.

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