Google People Cards – Appear on Google Search Result!

 So, now you can become a celebrity? Not actually, but you can appear on a Google search result within 5 minutes and here’s how! Google has launched ‘People Cards’ which allows others to find you on Google if they search for. This was first launched in India to fulfil the unique information needs. The feature has been in testing for two years and finally, it was released now. Interestingly, Google People Cards give you a feel of ‘virtual visiting cards’!

Note: The ‘People card’ feature only works on Mobiles!

How to Create a Google People Card?

1.    Log in to your Google Account.

2.    Type ‘Add me to search’ in the search box and enter.

3.    You will find an option to ‘get started’.

4.    Click on it and fill all your personal and professional details like About, Work, Education, Hometown, Email, Phone number, Website url, and Social media profiles.

5.    Click on preview and check if everything is fine.

6.    Save it.

Note: To make your profile appear to everyone, you have to change settings to ‘Only Me’ to ‘Everyone’.

That’s it. You are done!

For every new card, users must have to authenticate the account with a unique mobile number. However, they will have complete control of the information to be added on the card and can remove it which makes details disappear from the search.

Benefits of Google People Card

Google People cards are usually helpful for influencers, marketers, entrepreneurs, job holders, freelancers, job seekers etc.

Google has a safeguard mechanism to protect offensive content.

There is a feedback button with which users can identify and report low-quality information or fake profiles.

Drawbacks of Google People Card

Google asks for your phone number. However, it claims the information is safe.

The feature cannot be seen on desktops.

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