COVID19-Facts: Possibility of Shoes Spreading Covid-19

Something new and fearful is always coming up, ever since the Novel Coronavirus identified last year. Now, WHO confirmed that there are low possibilities of shoes spreading COVID-19. Though the likelihood of COVID-19 spreading from shoes and infecting individuals is very low, it is essential to take precautionary measures, particularly, the families who have infants at home.

There are high possibilities of infants playing with shoes when they are crawling on the floor. Though you give them toys, they would, most of the times, prefer to play with shoes. So, now it’s your responsibility to make your kids stay away from the footwear. However, the precautions are not just for kids. Adults should also be careful even though chances of infecting with Coronavirus are low with shoes.

How to Prevent Spreading of COVID-19 through Shoes?

By following a few precautionary measures, one can prevent the spread of the Coronavirus from footwear.

Shoes Outside: Do not come or allow others to enter your home without leaving the shoes outside your house. This small step helps to avoid the entry of the virus through shoes into your home.

Not at the Entrance: Kids love to play at the entrance of the home rather inside closed rooms. So, even you keep your footwear at the entrance of your home which is visible to kids, there are high chances that they touch or play with them. So, we suggest you keep your footwear far away from the entrance of the home.

Avoid Kids Playing Outside: Though you keep your shoes a bit away from the entrance of your home, the outside dust where kids play might infect them. So, don’t let them play outside until the situations get better.

Cleaning Shoes: Shoes can be washed with soap and water just as you clean your clothes. Soaking in warm soap water and washing it properly after sometime helps. Let it dry completely before you wear it. This should be done before and after wearing shoes.

Sanitize: Though many experts suggest cleaning with soap is sufficient enough to kill the Coronavirus, a few people want to take extra care. They can sanitize their shoes with a disinfectant cleaner.

Washing Hands: After touching shoes, one must have to clean their hands with soap or sanitizer.

Sole-risk: Experts say that the risk of the virus on the sole is high and so, it is required to clean the inside part of the shoes properly.

Using Crocs: According to the experts, the Coronavirus will stay on plastic for 3 days. But, using Crocs will make the cleaning easier, so recommended.

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