Booklet Guy – Read any Book in 20 Minutes!


Do you love reading books but do not have much time for it? Then this app is for you! ‘Booklet’ allows you to get the synopsis of your favourite book in a short time. Amrut Deshmukh, the man who developed the app, says his aim is to make India read!

Amrut Deshmukh reads a bestselling book every week and prepares a 20-minute book summary of it. He also understood that all people do not want to read books and so he started recording the books in his own voice and uploads them on his app. Many people loved the idea and started reading/listening his summaries on Booklet.

The app already has 1 Lakh+ downloads with all positive comments. People who used the app mentioned it as a good addiction! When asked about how he got this idea, Amrut said that he was not a book worm from his childhood but this has all happened because of his brother.

“I was not an avid reader since childhood. My brother was a game spoiler. He used to tell my friends that I love books and asked them to bring books as a gift for my birthday. If someone brings toys, he used to return it. I remember faking my birthday for toys! So, surrounded by books, slowly, I developed an interest in reading books,” he said.

Amrut once went to the movie ‘Baahubali’ with his friend. They reached the place before 15 minutes. To kill time, Amrut started narrating his friend the key points of the book ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ by Stephen Covey. Amrut’s friend was very much impressed and asked him to make short summaries of books he read and send it on phone, as he doesn’t get enough time to read books. That’s how Amrut got the idea. After a few weeks, the idea took its form!

As he is a non-IT guy, he started off with WhatsApp. He started sending the audio summaries to some of his friends on a WhatsApp group. Soon, the users increased and Amrut started an app ‘Booklet’!

How it Works?

All you have to do is downloading the app on Playstore. You can find four books summaries to read of which you have to choose one. You can also find the audio version of those books. If you are unable to choose one, Booklet Guy will choose one for you to start with!



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