What is Real Education and What You Can Earn From it!

Real Education is not passing the examination, getting your degree, and getting a job but it is all about manifesting the complete strength the man already had in him. It is the personality development to the fullest. It is also about standing up on own feet.

Unfortunately, education has become all about earning money as we have already forgotten that is more about self-confidence. Western education cannot be thrown out completely as science and technology too are needed for the development of the country. But forgetting the essence of real education is creating a lot of stress in the daily lives of the people.

The commercial institutes are adding fuel to the parents’ passion of making their kids’ doctors, engineers, and whatever, to make them money earning machines, neglecting their mental health which is a lot more important. The real education should focus on teaching moral and intellectual values. Mere book knowledge will take us nowhere and inquiry-based learning should be encouraged.

It is important to make kids understand how to lead their life happily and peacefully, standing on their own feet, learning self-confidence and self-respect, and serving others selflessly. But, focus these days is more on money and pride. Comparing the kids with the children of others who did in exams well and got high grades, parents are underestimating the talent their kids have. They are mostly failing in identifying their hidden skills.

For instance, even though the student has an interest in the fitness industry, his parents forces him to study a Charted Accountancy or Engineering or any other such course which is being opted by most of the students. This is because they fear that their son cannot earn as much as others do. Giving importance to others and what they are doing in their lives won’t allow any parent to understand what their child desires for!

Can we Earn Money from Real Education?

We can call it a real education if it gives you peace, happiness, strength, self-confidence to achieve what you want, and make you serve the world selflessly. It will also give you money! All you have to do is teaching what you learnt. Today, the person who can make others peaceful and happy can earn more than an Engineer or a Doctor. The reason is that more people in the world who seek peace and happiness than the person who does an office job or gives him medicine. Hope, you will allow your kids to pursue what they really want rather compelling them to do what you want!

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