One Easy Way to Make Money as a Beginner Photographer

Photography, while being a hobby for many people, is a passion for a few too! Spending some time on photography is one thing but taking it as a profession is a whole different thing. If it is just a hobby, you can enjoy things, but if you want to make money as a photographer, you need to follow some good techniques and work hard to reach the stage where people will prefer only you for their work!

It is even hard to earn money when you are a beginner photographer. There are many microstock websites which will buy photos and pay a good amount of money. But, you need to have some expertise in taking photographs. Taking care of ISO issues and other technical aspects are essential. But, as a beginner, you may not know many things. If you want to take photos at the events, that too needs good experience.

So, here is the simplest way to earn money as a beginner photographer. Not many people know this. All you need to know is taking beautiful photographs!

How to Make Money as a Beginner Photographer?

It is through selling your photos to bloggers! Yes, bloggers and business people with websites need eye-catchy photographs. Though there are photos available on microstock websites, many times they may not find the pics without a trademark or sometimes, they do not find relevant photos or they just don’t like them. So, many bloggers search for best photographs with which beginner photographers can make money.

Step-by-Step Process to Sell your Photos to Bloggers

1.    Understand your Interest

Some photographers are interested in taking shots of wild life while some love to take the snaps of flowers and nature. A few photographers take the pictures of people and some will like to take all kind of pictures. Initially, you should decide what kind of photos you are going to take.

2.    Prepare Sample Photographs

Take at least 20 to 25 photographs in advance and keep them as sample photographs. Clicking whenever possible, whatever you like it is also a good idea.

3.    Research for Bloggers

This is a crucial step. You have to do extensive research for niche bloggers. If you want to sell the pictures of a cup of coffee, fruits and vegetables, and a girl with her laptop, you have to search for lifestyle blogs. If you are interested in taking photos of only animals, you must choose a blog related to it, something like The Dodo, Animal Action and more.

How to Search for Niche Bloggers?

 If you want to search for lifestyle blogs, you need to type ‘lifestyle blogs’ on the search engine. It is better to dive deep, instead of going with just the first page. Open every website and observe the websites where the images are not so impressive. Sometimes, even the web pages on the first page might not have good images and they rank high because of SEO and marketing.

How to Contact Bloggers?

Take the contacts of all these pages from their ‘contact us’ page and save the list. Now, email them with clear details saying that you are a professional photographer and can provide the best images for a reasonable price. Also, let them know the importance of eye-catchy images and explain them how they increase the website traffic and earn money with a graph or some real-time examples.

You can also contact website owners of different businesses as they tend to pay more. Slowly, you can improve your photographic skills and hike the prices. While you are providing images for blogs or website, you must ask them to give credits. This helps you to improve your business as it reaches a huge amount of audience.

As no other person should be allowed to sell your photographs, you must take some security measures like having copyrights for your images.


The price of your photographs will be dependent on two things

1.    Your skills

2.    The client

Your Skills: If you have good communication skills along with photographic skills, you can easily convince your client to buy your photos. The first thing you have to explain them is why they should buy your photos. Explaining the benefits of quality and related images on the website will give your client a clear idea.

The client: The client you choose also plays a key role here. If he is someone who bothers about spending some good bucks to improve his business, you are lucky. If he is someone who doesn’t want to spend a penny and adjust with stock images, you should ignore him as there are plenty of websites online!

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