How to Earn Monthly Income Being Beautician during Lockdown

The Coronavirus pandemic shook the whole world. Many businesses, job-holders, and other freelancers are at loss, facing the critical phase. Not just financially, people are so much suffering mentally, physically, and emotionally because of the current situation. However, we cannot neglect earning money as it is needed to lead life. While job-holders are working from home, a few businesses are running part-time in some places. But, a few industries are struggling even more. One such is the beauty industry – especially beauty parlours.

Many beauty parlours have been closed regarding the current situation. However, there are a few companies where you can find beauticians for home services, taking all precautionary measures. But, that might not help the freelance beauticians. Also, many people fear that they might catch the virus if they step out of their home. Of course, that should be considered.

So, here we came up with an interesting idea that freelance beauticians can earn monthly income even during this lockdown. There is no need to travel long for this but all you need to do is providing great services. Here is the step-by-step process to earn monthly income as a freelance beautician. Have a look!

Step 1: Contact List

If you have a little experience as a beautician, you might have some good contacts of your regular customers. Make a list and contact each one of them. Tell them you are providing home beauty services on a monthly basis with natural products which work!

Step 2: Natural Products

There’s no need to use different creams to make people look beautiful as many natural products which can be used every day can make them look fair. It might even give better results than doing a clean-up or facial once a month.

Step 3: Process

You can choose any fruit like Papaya, Avocado, Banana, Orange, Tomato, Cucumber etc for the face mask. As they are natural, they will only give the best results and won’t hurt like artificial products, if used every day. You can use one fruit in a day and change another the next day. Also, you can use coffee powder, gram flour, and such things.

After a month, people can clearly see the difference. Along with this, you can also make a monthly deal for hair massages, eye relaxation techniques and all. You can ask for the package what you feel worthy of your work.

Step 4: Word of Mouth

Ask your happy customers to spread the word about your beauty services. You should be also okay with giving a little commission for this, as it will do only good.

Why People Choose You?

When it is a product that they can get by themselves, why will they choose you? Can’t they just buy some fruits and do it themselves? Yes, they can, but the problem is with the forgetfulness, neglect, and laziness! Sometimes, people may forget it with their busy work and other times, they might feel lazy. Focusing on beauty without missing a day in a month is not as easy as people think. So, there are high chances they’ll buy your services.

Precautions to be Taken

The situation outside is not good and so one must have to take safety measures before stepping out as it is a risk for you and your customer too.

1.    Wear a mask and don’t remove it until you reach home.

2.    Wear gloves before the start of the work.

3.    Maintain possible distance from the customer. There’s no option other than touching their face with your hands (wearing gloves though). But you can keep your body as far as possible to them.

4.    Ask for digital payments than taking money directly.

5.    Maintain silence. There’s no need to speak much if you deal it completely on phone in advance.

6.    After leaving the place, ask them to sanitize their home, at least where you have worked as a safety measure.

7.    Enter your home only after washing your hands properly. It is even better to take a bath immediately after reaching the home.

Note: We always believe safety comes first. This idea is for those who are unable to make a living because of the lack of money. Others can rest at home until the situation gets stable.

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