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What’s better than online education now! It is the one that is helping us to enhance our skills during the lockdown period when we all are free. To add, the Indian government is now providing several online education courses for free through four websites. Isn’t it something we should be excited about and avail right now!

The government asked us to stay at home safely and providing the most useful free online courses with certification which helps our career. However, most of the Indians are not aware of the offer. That’s why we are putting down the details of those websites and the free online education courses here. Have a look and choose what suits you best!


Swayam is an initiative of MHRD (Ministry of Human Resource Development) that offers different Engineering and non-engineering, Secondary and Sr. Secondary Courses (NIOS), Secondary and Sr. Secondary Courses (NCERT), Programming, Robotics, Pen Source Software for Education and more. However, a few of them are not certificate-based courses, yet useful. Also, you can find NCERT textbooks, e-Books for classes I to XII (CBSE, NCERT and states/UT). Another advantage is that you can conduct scientific experiment virtually and there is also an availability of DTH TV Education Channels.


500+ Courses

More than 500 courses are available and you can choose any number of courses to enroll. There’s no limit for learning and Swayam knows it! However, the best way is to choose two or three courses if you are free all day long. If you are the one who is already working from home or busy with household chores, choose one and then another. You have that choice after all!

Learn in Regional Languages

Many people can’t just get the essence of the course completely as they have a problem in understanding English. Swayam came up with courses in regional languages which is quite comfortable for everyone in the country. Not just that, we can assume this might be one way to promote regional languages which should be appreciated.

Best Trainers

Are you going to get below par instructions to train you, just because all the online courses here are free? No, you are absolutely wrong! Swayam has the best qualified and high experienced trainers who can empower you with their knowledge and skills.

Weekly Assignments

They won’t leave you after the class but will make sure that you are learning right through weekly assignments. Who doesn’t want that care where trainers ensure your progress time-to-time!


Needless to say that Artificial Intelligence is booming and that is the future! Nasscom (The National Association of Software and Service Companies) is providing Big Data and Artificial Intelligence course for free which actually costs 5000 INR. This is for limited period. Upon completion of the course, you are eligible for Nasscom SSC assessment and certification. The popular ‘Digital Vidya’ is the partner.

The course duration is for 55 hours and you will do 3 projects. The student who completes the course will get 2 certificates – one from NASSCOM and another from Digital Vidya. Engineering, Computer Science, Statistics, Sciences or Mathematics students, employers, and other enthusiasts are eligible to do the course.



International Data Corporation (IDC) stated that the revenues of big data and business analytics will grow drastically worldwide in 2020.


In 2011, McKinsey have analyzed there will be a shortage of people with in-depth analytical skills by 2018. IBM states the requirement will be increased in 2020 from 364,000 to 2,720,000 job listings approximately.

High Paying Jobs

When there is a need, it is obvious that recruiters will hire professionals or even beginners by paying them high. While the software industry is stuffed, trying hands on something new and interesting which has requirement will fetch you the desired job and salary.

Increased Opportunities

There is a need for standing high and unique among others to get a decent job these days. The candidate is required to possess additional skills compared to others to make recruiters choose him/her. Learning Big Data and Artificial Intelligence online course, when it is providing for free is definitely a better idea to increase the chance of getting hired.


This is the most important free online course provided on Diksha Platform for digital medical training on COVID19. The people who want to fight against the pandemic can utilize the chance. The course is designed to cope up with the pandemic and help people with doing the same. Doctors, Nurses, Hygiene Workers, Technicians, and others can enroll for 10 courses related to COVID19.


Free of Cost

All the 10 online courses are being provided for free to help people tackle the current situation. As there is a lot of free time during this lockdown, one can easily enroll for the course and gain knowledge on how to combat the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Various Courses

Though all are related to the COVID19, there are 10 different courses that one can choose from. Also, you can learn all courses according to your time, interest, and capability.

Video Lectures and Questionnaire

The free online courses are available in video form so that one can easily understand the lectures. Also, a questionnaire is provided at the end to allow people to know what they have learnt.


The platform is easily accessible and mobile-friendly. One can easily navigate and know various things available on the website.


The All India Council for Technical Education launched an online training platform ‘Enhancement in Learning with Improvement In Skills (ELIS)’. 18 leading Ed-tech companies are providing numerous courses on this platform. Interested candidates can enroll before 31 July 2020. To not stop learning during the lockdown period, all these top companies are providing courses for free. For any queries, you can mail to


Top Instructors

The courses are lectured by some of the best professionals in the respective fields. So, there’s a guarantee that you can grab so much of knowledge if you enroll and focus!

Unique Courses

Not those routine software and data courses, but you can also enroll for unique and trending courses such as Game Development, Robotics, Lean Practitioner, Cartoon Drawing, Anger and Frustration Management, Neural Networks and More!

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