Complete Guide to Tea Training & Career Opportunities

And now, you can’t simply say ‘It’s my cup of tea’! If at all it is so easy, this couldn’t be a serious career opportunity for several youngsters. The first being water, tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world, yet people see it as an ordinary thing. This should be changed! The good number of career opportunities of the tea industry has given a straight way for the youth to try something different.

Persistence Market Research (PMR) revealed key insights into the global tea market. The global tea market was valued at US$ 13.85 Bn in 2015. By 2024, it is expected to reach a value of US$ 21.33 Bn, registering a CAGR of 5.0%. Tea drinkers love the taste and quality. They seek new and unique blends and flavours in tea. If the product has its benefits on health and wellness, it would be the most-wanted product by the tea lovers.

The increasing consumption of different teas among youth and middle-aged people for its varied benefits including taste and relaxation in almost all countries is the major reason for the growth of the tea industry in the global tea market. This indeed increased the career opportunities of tea makers. Let’s get into the details of various tea industry courses, career opportunities, and the universities offering the courses online and offline.

Tea Industry Courses

Tea Industry courses include tea tasting, tea blending, and a tea master. Let’s dig deep into all the three courses. While tea tasting is about testing the taste of the tea, blending includes knowing what kind of flavours can be mixed to get a good taste. The tea master has to do both and even more! He needs to know everything related to tasty and healthy tea. Although some institutes provide the three separate courses, some allow you to learn the whole as one with the name ‘tea-taster’.

What You Can Learn?

Students who join the course can learn tea steeping, different ways or tea processing, various colours and flavours of tea, health benefits of different teas, tea regions, tea cultures in different countries, various tea ceremonies and more. You will also learn advanced sensory taste evaluation to understand the taste of different teas in the word professionally.

Requirements to Learn Tea Courses

Love and respect for tea along with sensitive taste buds is required for the candidate who wants to become a tea master. It is a must that one shouldn’t have the habits of smoking and drinking as they cannot taste the tea precisely. However, in some countries, a degree is required to enrol for tea courses.

Top Tea Training Institutes

There are many tea training institutes out there that provide various courses. However, here are the three best tea industry course providers worldwide.

ITEI (International Tea Education Institute)

ITEI is providing a variety of tea courses that includes Tea Steward – the beginner tea certification program, Level -1 Award in Teas, Level-2 Award in Teas, Tea Blending Professional, Certificated Tea Master, Matcha Masterclass and more. The faculty provided by the institutes have an expertise in the tea industry field and they help the enthusiastic students and tea lovers to learn many interesting things about tea tasting and blending, making them the masters in tea industry!

ITMA (International Tea Masters Association)

The International Tea Masters Association encourages individuals who are passionate to achieve excellence in the tea industry! Founded in 2007, the association offers membership and sponsorship programs for tea industry suppliers. The institute offers the ITMA Tea Master Course with certification. The ITMA Tea Aroma Wheel on the website makes you understand the level of training they will provide for the students. They provide training online and offline.

WTA (World Tea Academy)

World Tea Academy (WTA) offers a Core certification level and five advanced certification levels of tea training. The core program focuses on building foundation skills for the success in the tea industry and deep understanding of tea. The advanced program is divided into five separate tea courses and each course will have 7 lessons. The students have to complete all the 7 classes in the course selected to get a certification.

Other Tea Training Institutes

Specialty Tea Institute (New York, USA)

Tea and Herbal Association of Canada

Assam Agricultural University (India)

Assam Darjeeling Tea Research Center (India)

Assam University (India)

Birla Institute of Futuristic Studies (India)

Dipras Institute of Professional Studies (India)

Indian Institute of Plantation Management (India)

NITM, Darjeeling Tea Research And Management Association (India)

The Tea Tasters Academy (India)

University of North Bengal (India)

UPASI Tea Research Institute (India)

Australian Tea Masters

Tea Industry Career Opportunities

There are several opportunities for tea industry experts. One can become a tea maker, tea blending professional or a tea master after completing the related course. The demand for tea consumption is higher than its production in many places. All you need to do is learning the art and choosing the right place. The higher-level tea professionals are offered with luxuries like a big house, electricity, assistants, and maids besides salary!

Top companies that offer tea master jobs are Jing Tea Store (London), Tetley, TATA, Shift Supervisor (USA), Barista, Kung Fu Tea, and other manufacturing companies. It is advised working in a local or near-by company to get experience. Graduate trainee positions are there but are very few that only experts can get it. Starting your own business after tea training is also a good idea.

Salary of Tea Masters

AS a tea master, a beginner earns around $75000 to $150,000 per annum, which is so much higher when compared to other routine jobs. In India, the salary for the trainer would be Rs 5000 per month while a senior professional can get Rs 25000. When it comes to tea experts, the salary would be Rs 50,000 or more, depending on the skills.

Note: All the information in the article is provided after good research. However, when it comes to choosing an institute for a tea course, it is highly recommended to my people to know all the details over the phone or by directly contacting the concerned persons before paying your valuable money to them! We are here to provide genuine information regarding what-and how-abouts, however, authentication-check is your part.

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