8 Things to Keep in Mind while Selecting the Best School for your Kid!

Joining your kid in the best school is quite essential for his future. But, what actually is the best school? Is that the school that demands lakhs for education or it is something that stresses your kid to get top ranks? Could it be the school that taught their students to listen to whatever the books say without using their own brains!

Let’s see. Let’s know which the best school is, not just for your kid, but for every kid who should live happily. After all, the whole purpose of life is it!

Lookouts before Joining your Kid in the School

Safety: Safety comes first! Growing cases of child abuse, especially in schools is raising fear in parents. So, as a first step, you must have to reach the school you want to join your kid and check the people there. It is important to observe the words and behaviour of the head of the school, teachers, security persons, and other staff including sweepers and other workers. No way could you join your kid in the school without observing these things for a few days at least.

Environment: The closed room is the symbol of a closed mind. Making students unbreathable in a classroom with no proper ventilation creates a lot of stress in them unknowingly. Providing education in open space where there is a pleasant environment will let your kids focus more on studies. Though it is not easy to find such a school now, you can choose the school where classrooms have good ventilation. The surroundings should, of course, be clean.

Ranks Vs Knowledge: The school that focuses more on providing great knowledge is the best option for your kid rather the school that pressurize the children to get top ranks. Too much stress is making a way for kids to take terrific decisions that are taking away their life. If not it, at least there are high chances your kid has to face stress and anxiety even after growing up.

Multifaceted Education: If you are not going to change your mind if it is saying that book knowledge is the only education, you are for sure spoiling the life of your kid! Multifaceted education is what students need in this generation. Why forget yoga, physical fitness, sports, dance, and other important things that not just remove the stress of from heads but also help them to find a unique career path!

Personality Development: Personality development is not something that you should learn in college neither it is something that you have to go through to get your dream job. Personality development is the overall development that should be taught from childhood to everyone. The school which focuses on personality development of your kid by identifying the strengths and weakness of him/her is the one you have to choose for them. Making them strong in every way should be the goal!

Environmental Education: In many schools, there is no environmental science as a subject which is quite essential to let children understand how important it is to save our planet and how to do it. While we already said that education is not just about doing a job and earning money, we should also know that it is our responsibility to save our planet, or at least to make it the better place than it is now.  

Breaks: We can see many schools that force people to attend schools at 8 AM and leave only at 7 PM, with almost no big breaks in between. It is more than 10 hours your kids are working hard in their classrooms. Most of the schools have two breaks with 5 minutes or less each and they might give 15 to 20 minutes for a lunch break. On the whole, children are not getting at least 1-hour break while they are listening classes for 10 hours or more. 3 to 4 small breaks or one big one makes your kid feel relaxed.

Vacations: Your kids definitely deserve a vacation with their friends, after a complete year of hard work. The school that takes your kids to pleasant and enjoyable places where they can have fun and relax is an ideal one. However, safety is a must. Though this is not compulsory, you can consider it as an important thing, if you are unable to take your kid on frequent trips, like at least twice a year.

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