10 Tips for Parents to Teach Kids at Home

The time has arrived for parents to play the new role - as a teacher for their kids. Coronavirus pandemic has changed the lifestyle of people all over the world. While the parents are working from their homes, kids are asked to attend the online classes from their schools. However, there is a special need for the parents to take care of their children to provide healthy and skilful learning without giving much stress to them.

Just attending online classes isn’t enough as they are no match to the teacher being in front of the students, telling the lessons, observing them. The direct interaction between the student and the teacher gives a whole different feeling thus result. However, there’s no such situation prevailing outside anytime soon. This is a call for the parents to take an active part in their kids’ education. For the parents who are not well-versed on teaching their kids, here are some useful tips to make sure you aren’t giving unnecessary stress while making them learn.

1.    Make Their Mind

During the lockdown period, kids are used to playing games, mostly on mobile phones. Now, after more than 3 months, if we ask them to sit with a book for hours, it’s not going to happen. So, initially, making up their mind is essential. Never force them to read for hours as it only causes stress. Allow them to play with friends, watch TV, and whatever they like. But, also make sure you’ll help your kid to read at least 2 hours a day. When he used to it, you can increase the reading time effortlessly. It is even better idea, if you spend time with your kid not just while reading but also when he is playing.

2.    Not in the Room

Don’t ask your children to sit at a particular place in a closed room. Let them breathe. Allow them to choose their favourite place like a green garden in front of your house or another peaceful place they love. Let them choose the place where they can study with concentration. If they feel you sit beside them, you can happily join and help them in learning. However, some students prefer to study alone, that’s how they can focus completely on what they’re reading. Leave the choice to your kids.

3.    Breaks and Snacks

Sitting for long hours and reading continuously feels exhausting. Students need a break often and they should relax to gain enough strength to start reading again. The 15-minute gap for every 50 minutes is highly recommended for younger students. However, every person who takes a little gap while working can be more productive. Meanwhile, don’t forget to feed your kids with healthy snacks. This energizes and helps them read with increased interest.

4.    Chunking

Children would feel hard to read lengthy content at a time. It is better to breakdown the difficult text into small manageable chunks so that they can easily remember. In this way, they can also identify the keywords. Depending on your kids’ skills and patience, you have to make it into small paragraphs, anywhere from 2 to 5 lines. Never forget to ask them to read and remember the whole text at the end. This is important as they have to give a complete answer in their exam!

5.    Reading Loud

Ask them to read loudly. It stimulates their imagination and expands their understanding. Also, you can identify the mistakes and correct them if they read aloud. By this, they can also develop language and listening skills. Until they get into the college, reading aloud is suggested as it also improves their focus. Besides these benefits, you can identify unknown or difficult words when your child read aloud and can explain to them the meaning.

6.    Say Examples

Children easily remember lessons through examples. Tell them good examples and stories to explain the lessons. Use visual aids, diagrams, and other tools to make them understand lessons easily. If you are teaching science, the proper reason behind it should be explained with an example, if its maths, the easy way to solve the problem is the ideal way, and while teaching English, the focus should be on pronunciation, story, and style too! Every subject should be taught in its own way.

7.    Recognition and Celebrations

Nothing is too small. Recognise the efforts and achievements of your kids and celebrate the moment. This is especially important for elementary kids who need constant motivation to study. Give them chocolate or prepare their favourite dish if they read what you said. Allow them to play some more time with friends after completing the toughest lessons. Gift them something they love if they achieve good score in exams and there are much more if you think!

8.    Never Compare

Many parents will compare their kids with siblings or other bright students. This will only make your kid hurt and sometimes they would develop an ego which shows its negative effect after years. Children should be taught to get better every day. You should ask them to compare the progress of themselves day-to-day but never compare your children with someone else. While the world is running now on competition, you are responsible to raise your kids, teaching them how to be grounded.

9.    Check Throughout the Day

Observing your child throughout the day is quite important. Check if he is happy, sad, depressed, or feeling alone every day. Children these days easily get upset over things. You should become their best friend to know their problems. Ask how you could help them to feel better. Involve them in fun activities, take them out, and do whatever is needed to make them joyful.

10.Not Just Books

Always sitting with a book might make your kid a top student but definitely not a joyful person who knows to enjoy life! It is important to get them involved in other activities and habits. Know their interests, let it be dance or music, encourage them in that way. Join them in a dance, music or a drawing class in which they are interested. Also, teach them doing little things like organising their books, washing the fruits before eating, and other such little things.

These are just a few things initially you have to remember. However, you’ll discover plenty of things on the journey with your kids. We wish your kid the brightest and happy future ahead!

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